Modern ART

Rolling ball sculptures

Kinetic art is a trend in modern art that focuses on the issue of movement. It includes many overlapping techniques and styles to create real movement or create an illusion of it. Rolling ball sculpture RBS (also known as: rolling ball machine, marble machines, kinetic sculptures, kinetic machines, kinetic art) belong to one of the forms of kinetic art. The RBS sculptures are unique structures in which the movement is made by marbles which, using the force of gravity and the laws of physics to move along staked tracks.

Rolling ball sculptures can be found most often in art galleries or museums. However, their unusual qualities are appreciated by designers, using them as an intriguing decorative element.
It is worth noting that the secret of kinetic art sculptures is hidden in the hypnotic energy that is released in every ball climbing to the highest point of the steel structure. This force has the ability to attract and seduce the viewer’s eyesight, inviting the mind to analyze the essence of this seemingly obvious movement. The subtle looping of the tracks gives a sense of magic and life hidden in the sculpture.